We bring large transaction professionalism to the small deal space.

Family focus

Your employees are a critical part of your business. We’re also a family company that understands any transaction needs to protect the people who helped build your business.

Knowledge and expertise

Our team brings the proven business knowledge and legal acumen necessary to efficiently identify strong fits and opportunities between our firm and your business.

We close deals

We have the financial resources and strategic focus to efficiently complete transactions once we’ve identified appropriate opportunities.

Legacy approach

We always look to protect the legacy you and your team have built with your company. We take a long term approach to help a business and its employees grow and thrive post-transaction.

Our investment strategy.

We’re building a targeted portfolio of proven, well-run Canadian and U.S. companies with histories of strong cash flow.

Business and Industry Focus

We make long-term investments in profitable businesses across the distribution, manufacturing, services and transportation sectors with EBITDA of $1-5 million.

Philosophy and Core Values

We build strong relationships with company founders, management and advisors as part of a transaction and then build on those partnerships to help the business thrive after acquisition.

Investment Criteria

We’re looking for competitive, proven companies where existing management and vendors are looking to maintain stakes in the business after a transaction.